Sunday, July 29, 2007

Songwriter Lawton Williams Dies

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While Lawton Williams' name might not be a household word, the songs he penned are very well known to a generation of country and pop fans. He wrote such staples as "Fraulein," "Blue Grass Skirt," "Farewell Party," "Geisha Girl," "Color of the Blues," and "Shame on Me."

Lawton Williams died July 26th, two days after his 85th birthday, in Fort Worth of respiratory illness.

Williams had a modest recording career, signed at one time to Four Star Records in the late 40s. Hank Locklin was also a Four Star artist at that time (his hit "Let Me Be the One" was a Four Star #1 hit in the 1940s), which is where he discovered Williams' songwriting talents. Locklin recorded a number of Lawton Williams tunes (including the hits mentioned above).

Lawton Williams obituary from CMT

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