Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sick Call: Hairl Hensley

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I read in Sista Smiff's blog that Hairl Hensley, Sirius Roadhouse host and former afternoon DJ and "Early Bird Gets the Bluegrass" host on Nashville's WSM-AM, is recovering from a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery. My prayers certainly go out for a speedy recovery.

Hairl Hensley has a very warped sense of humor. One of my favorite tales about him is a slight re-write he did of tractor maker Massey-Ferguson's commercials on the Grand Ole Opry. He didn't mean any harm, he just did an abbreviation. Massey-Ferguson officials reportedly weren't that appreciative to hear Hairl saying, "Make sure you stop by your local M.F. dealer." Not the best way to sell a tractor, perhaps, but very funny.

I've met Hairl a few times. He's a fun and funny, gracious gentleman who is a treasure chest of country music knowledge. Here's hoping he's back on Sirius Roadhouse (channel 62, or 6062 on Dish TV satellite) soon!


Anonymous said...

I met Hairl years ago at WMAK. He was a gentleman. I've seen him a few times since that day in 1965 and he is still a gentleman. I wish him the best!

Nashville Home Consultants said...

Hairl is absolutely AMAZING!!! Hairl is like a father to me, and I appreciate everyone wishing him a great recovery. Hairl has made a full recovery from his heart attack and stroke, in addition, he is funnier and sweeter than ever! I love Hairl...He is always positive and has a great sense of humor. He is honestly one of the best people I have ever met, and I feel honored to consider him a father figure in my life.

- Gina Earheart-Bastoky

Anonymous said...

Glad to know Hairl recovered and is doing well. I wish I had his email address.