Saturday, November 10, 2007

Trivia for November 10

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On this date in 1973, one of the most shocking events to strike the country music world occurred when Hee Haw and Grand Ole Opry star Dave "Stringbean" Akeman was murdered, along with his wife, when they returned to their home from an Opry performance. Their bodies were discovered by Grandpa Jones the next morning when he showed up at Stringbean's house for a fishing trip.

Stringbean was known for his outlandish dress (long shirt, pants with the belt buckle just above his knees) and comedy ("Have you hear'd from home lately, String?" "Yeah, I got a letter from home today. I got it right next to my heart. Heart, heart, heart, heart," he said as he felt his shirt pockets over his check, then reached into his hip pocket for the letter). However, many people may not realize what an extraordinary banjo player Stringbean was. He was the a banjo player in the Blue Grass Boys, Bill Monroe's band. When String left, Monroe found a new banjo player: one Earl Eugene Scruggs.

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