Saturday, January 19, 2008

John Stewart Dies

Category: News

From the Kingston Trio's web site comes the sad news that John Stewart has passed away after suffering a massive stroke on Thursday, January 17.

For those who do not know, the Kingston Trio's "Tom Dooley" was awarded the very first "Best Country Song" Grammy award -- despite the fact that the song never made the country charts. Stewart joined the group three years after that success, in 1961, and remained with them for seven years. He was also an acclaimed songwriter, having written "Daydream Believer," the Monkees hit that Anne Murray made into a country top ten record in 1980.

John Stewart was 68. His rock information can be seen at my rock blog.


barrel said...

He will be missed I love The Kingston Trio and saw them in person in Mass. when I was 16 that was 45 years ago. wow my age is showing.

jorcsa said...

I followed John Stewart from his Kingston Trio days all the way through his solo career until his untimely death on Saturday. His body of music is not only extensive, but contains more meaningful and insightful than almost any other artist I can name. In the mid 80's, I had the pleasure of arranging for John, and Dave to play a concert in Birmingham, AL. After the show,they came to my home, entertaining us all with stories and videos of Route 66. John sitting on the sofa, playing old Elvis songs on my guitar was a memory I'll forever hold dear. As John sang in "Kansas Rain".."Day by day, one by one, we fall like candles in the sun." John's candle gave the sun a run for the money. We will never forget you, Lonesome Picker.