Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At LONG LAST It Has Happened!!

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For some reason, the announcement for the "class of 2008" Country Music Hall of Fame inductions was made today, rather than in August (when it has usually been, closer to the CMA nomination annoucements).

I am thrilled to death to post the class of 2008:

ERNEST V. STONEMAN: Shout bama-lama, it finally happened! A man whose popularity in the 1920s was crucial to the advacement of country music has finally gotten his just desserts.

THE STATLER BROTHERS: Another long overdue induction. One of country music's most enduring quartets, and one that transcended "country" for popular culture. Their song "Flowers on the Wall" was awarded a "contemporary ('rock and roll')" Grammy in 1965, which speaks volumes to their impact (and to the bewildering voting of the NARAS).

TOM T. HALL: I feared he would have to die to get inducted; however, the legendary "storyteller" is being inducted for his decades of hits of his own as well as writing others' hits (e.g., "Harper Valley P.T.A." by Jeannie C. Riley, "The Pool Shark," Dave Dudley's only #1 hit, and "(Margie's At the) Lincoln Park Inn" by Bobby Bare).

EMMYLOU HARRIS. Emmylou belongs in if for no other reason than, during the 1970s, she made it "cool" to proudly proclaim to listen to country music. Forget her career (which is significant enough to warrant induction). She was an ambassador for country music when most people were defining country as "I Honestly Love You."

Congratulations to the inductees.

And, THANK YOU, Hall of Fame voters!!!!

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