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Dates of Note in Country Music, March 16-31

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(Hall of Fame members in bold)

March 16:

Jerry Jeff Walker born in Oneonta, New York, 1942 (now 67)
Ray Benson of Asleep at the Wheel born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1951 (now 58)
Tim O'Brien born in Wheeling, West Virginia, 1954 (now 55)
Stan Thorn of Shenandoah born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 1959 (now 50)
Ronnie McCoury born in York County, Pennsylvania, 1967 (now 42)
Robert Whitstein born in Colfax, Louisiana, 1944 (died 2001)
Plane crash kills Chris Austin, Kirk Capello, Joey Cigainero, Paula Kaye Evans, Terry Jackson, Michael Thomas, and Tony Saputo of Reba McEntire's band, 1991

March 17:

Jim Weatherly born in Pontotoc, Mississippi, 1943 (now 66)
Paul Overstreet born in Newton, Mississippi, 1955 (now 54)
Dick Curless born in Fort Fairfield, Maine, 1932 (died 1995)
Hugh Farr died (unknown causes), 1980 (was 77)
Sammy Pruett died (unknown causes), 1988 (was 61)
Terry Stafford died (liver failure), 1996 (was 55)
Bill Carlisle died (natural causes), 2003 (was 94)

March 18:

Billy Armstrong born in Streator, Illinois, 1930 (now 79)
Charley Pride born in Sledge, Mississippi, 1938 (now 71)
Margie Bowes born in Roxboro, North Carolina, 1941 (now 68)
James McMurty born in Fort Worth, Texas, 1962 (now 47)
Smiley Burnette born in Summum, Illinois, 1911 (died 1967)
John Phillips of the Mamas and Papas died (heart failure), 2001 (was 65). His solo hit, "Mississippi," was a country hit in 1971.

March 19:

Henry "Friendly Henry" Maddox born in Boaz, Alabama, 1928 (died 1974)
Speck Rhodes died (natural causes), 2000 (was 84)
Randall Hylton died (brain aneurysm), 2001 (was 55)
Tootsie's Orchid Lounge opened in Nashville, 1960

March 20:

Tommy Hunter born in London, Ontario, 1937 (now 72)
Douglas B. Green (Ranger Doug) of Riders in the Sky born in Great Lakes, Illinois, 1946 (now 63)
Jim Seales of Shenandoah born in Hamilton, Alabama, 1954 (now 55)
Jerry Reed born in Atlanta, Georgia, 1937 (died 2008)

March 21:

Carol Lee Cooper born in West Virginia, 1942 (now 69)
Tommy Hill died (liver and heart ailments), 2002 (was 72)

March 22:

Charlie Poole born in Randolph County, North Carolina, 1892 (died 1931)
Hoyle Nix of the West Texas Cowboys born in Azel, Texas, 1918 (died 1985)
Uncle Dave Macon died (illness), 1952 (was 81)
Stoney Cooper died (heart attack), 1977 (was 59)
Carl Perkins injured in automobile accident, 1956

March 23:

David Grisman born in Passaic, New Jersey, 1945 (now 64)
Fiddlin' John Carson born in Fannin County, Georgia, 1868 (died 1949)
Jim Anglin born in Franklin, Tennessee, 1913 (died 1987)
Smokey Rogers born in McMinnville, Tennessee, 1917 (died 1993)
J.D. Miller died (complications from heart bypass surgery), 1996 (was 73)
Ray "Pop" Lewis of the Lewis Family died (natural causes), 2004 (was 98)
Cindy Walker died (natural causes), 2006 (was 88)

March 24:

Peggy Sue Webb born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, 1947 (now 62)
Carson Robison died (unknown causes), 1957 (was 66)
Howard Dixon died (unknown - possible work accident), 1961 (was 57)
Henson Cargill died (complications from surgery), 2007 (was 66)

March 25:

Bonnie Guitar born in Seattle, Washington, 1923 (now 86)
Robbie Fulks born in York, Pennsylvania, 1963 (now 46)
Hoyt Axton born in Duncan, Oklahoma, 1938 (died 1999)
Jack Kapp died (cerebral hemorrhage), 1949 (was 47)
Buck Owens died (heart attack), 2006 (was 76)

March 26:

Bud Isaacs born in Bedford, Indiana, 1928 (now 81)
Vicki Lawrence born in Inglewood, California, 1949 (now 60). The Carol Burnett Show actress had one hit, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," which made both the pop and country charts.
Ronnie McDowell born in Fountain Head, Tennessee, 1950 (now 59)
Michael Bonagura of Baillie & the Boys born in Newark, New Jersey, 1953 (now 56)
Dean Dillon born in Lake City, Tennessee, 1955 (now 54)
Charly McClain born in Jackson, Tennessee, 1956 (now 53)
Kenny Chesney born in Lutrell, Tennessee, 1968 (now 41)

March 27:

Bill Callahan of the Callahan Brothers born in Madison County, North Carolina, 1912 (died 2002)
David Rogers born in Houston, Texas, 1936 (died 1993)

March 28:

Roy Dean Webb of the Dillards born in Independence, Missouri, 1937 (now 72)
Charlie McCoy born in Oak Hill, West Virginia, 1941 (now 68). Charlie was selected for induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame for 2009.
Reba McEntire born in Chockie, Oklahoma, 1955 (now 54)
Jay Livingston born in McDonald, Pennsylvania, 1915 (died 2001). The pop songwriter's many hits include "Silver Bells," which has been recorded by many country performers.
Rusty Draper died (heart disease/throat cancer), 2003 (was 80)
Glenn Barber died (heart ailment), 2008 (was 73)

March 29:

Brady Seals of Little Texas born in Hamilton, Ohio, 1969 (now 40)
Moon Mullican born in Corrigan, Texas, 1909 (died 1967)
Jerry Byrd born in Lima, Ohio, 1920 (died 2005)
Texas Ruby died (house fire), 1963 (was 54)

March 30:

Bobby Wright born in Charleston, West Virginia, 1942 (now 67)
Connie Cato born in Carlinville, Illinois, 1955 (now 54)

March 31:

John D. Loudermilk born in Durham, North Carolina, 1934 (now 75)
Greg Martin of the Kentucky Headhunters born in Louisville, Kentucky, 1954 (now 55)
Howdy Forrester born in Vernon, Tennessee, 1922 (died 1987)
Tommy Jackson born in Birmingham, Alabama, 1926 (died 1979)
William O. "Lefty" Frizzell born in Corsicana, Texas, 1928 (died 1975)
Anita Carter born in Maces Springs, Virginia, 1933 (died 1999)
Skeets McDonald died (heart attack), 1968 (was 52)
Carl Story died (complications from heart bypass surgery), 1995 (was 78)

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