Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tim Krekel Dies

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The name Tim Krekel most likely doesn't ring a bell with anyone outside of Louisville or die-hard Jimmy Buffett fans. Krekel spent his life happily at home in his hometown, where he was a singer/songwriter legend.

Tim Krekel died today (June 24) of stomach cancer.

Krekel's songs have been recorded by the likes of rockers Jason & the Scorchers (the searing commentary on the music industry, "Greetings From Nashville," with the classic line, "Somewhere Hank and Lefty are rolling in their graves while kudzu vines grow over the signs that read 'Jesus saves'") and Jimmy Buffett ("Morris' Nightmare," which appeared on Buffett's 1978 live album You Had to Be There with Krekel in the band).

Several country artists found his songwriting appealing and covered his tunes. Jerry Reed, Vern Gosdin, and Martina McBride are among the many who recorded Krekel songs. Two of his songs, "You Can Feel Bad" (co-written with and recorded by Matraca Berg) and "Turning Away" (recorded by Crystal Gayle), won BMI songwriter's awards for Krekel.

Tim Krekel was 58.

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Anonymous said...

Tim was a friend and a great musician. He loved his hometown of Louisville, KY and enjoyed performing locally for them. He was a humble man, a great father and lover of all people. The best description of how he felt about his music comes in the form of a little known title track to the album, Perfect World, "This is my perfect World inside these words and melodies. That's where Tim lived inside the words and melodies! He recorded another tune that I believe a lot of folks here in the community have found comfort in and that is "Everything's Gonna Be Alright". Tim is alright where he is and I believe he wanted us to know Everything's Gonna be Alright"! There is noticeable whole left in in the music scene here in Louisville because someone like Tim only comes around once in a lifetime. I feel blessed and honored to have known him and to have been able to enjoy his live shows over and over, because I never got tired of seeing his love for what he was doing.
Ken P