Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Congratulations Times Four

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The Country Music Hall of Fame class of 2010 has been announced. The Hall of Fame opens its doors to the following greats:

Jimmy Dean: Long before he was the "sausage king," Jimmy Dean hosted a ground-breaking television show. The regulars on that show included a young Roy Clark and a young Jim Henson, manning Dean's friend Rowlf the dog.

Ferlin Husky: One of the last 1950s superstars to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ferlin gave the world classics like "Gone," "Wings of a Dove," and "A Dear John Letter." He also gave the world Simon Crum.

Billy Sherrill: Sherrill rose to fame in the late 60s as a producer for Epic Records artists David Houston and Tammy Wynette -- and writing a number of their hits, such as "Almost Persuaded," "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad," and "Stand By Your Man."

Don Williams: Country's "Gentle Giant" started in the early 70s with songs like "Amanda" and has continued to please audiences since.

Congratulations to the Hall of Fame's class of 2010!

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