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Dates of Note in Country Music, June 1-15

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(Country Music Hall of Famers in bold)

June 1:
Dale Warren of the Sons of the Pioneers born in Summerville, Kentucky, 1925 (now 85)
Andy Griffith born in Mount Airy, North Carolina, 1926 (now 84)
Pat Boone born in Jacksonville, Florida, 1934 (now 76). The legendary pop crooner married Red Foley's daughter Shirley.
Hazel Dickens born in Mercer County, West Virginia, 1935 (now 75)
Wayne Kemp born in Greenwood, Arkansas, 1941 (now 69)
Ronnie Dunn of Brooks & Dunn born in Coleman, Texas, 1953 (now 55)
Elsie McWilliams born in Harperville, Mississippi, 1896 (died 1985)
Johnny Bond born in Enville, Oklahoma, 1915 (died 1978)
Lee Allen of the Allen Brothers born in Sewanee, Tennessee, 1906 (died 1981)
Jimmy Murphy died (unknown cause), 1981 (was 55)

June 2:
Carl Butler born in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1927 (died 1992)
Helen Carter died (heart failure), 1998 (was 70)
Adolph Hofner died (illness), 2000 (was 83)

June 3:
Fred "Too Slim" LeBour of Riders in the Sky born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1948 (now 62)
Jamie O'Neal born in Sydney, Australia, 1968 (now 42)
Curly Williams born in Cairo, Georgia, 1914 (died 1970)
Homer Louis "Boots" Randolph born in Paducah, Kentucky, 1927 (died 2007)
Wally Fowler died (drown), 1994 (was 77)
Van Stoneman of the Stoneman Family died (Parkinson's disease), 1995 (was 54)
Graceland opens to the public, 1982
The Cincinnati radio show Midwest Hayride begins television broadcasts (on WLW-TV), 1955

June 4:
Bill Mack born in Shamrock, Texas, 1929 (now 81)
Linda Martell born in Leesville, South Carolina, 1941 (now 69). She was the first Black female artist to perform on the Grand Ole Opry.
Texas Ruby Owens born in Wise County, Texas, 1910 (died 1963)
Freddy Fender born in San Benito, Texas, 1937 (died 2006)
Zeke Clement died (unknown cause), 1994 (was 82)
John Hartford died (cancer), 2001 (was 63)
Alabama's annual "June Jam" concert began in Fort Payne, Alabama, 1982

June 5:
Don Reid of the Statler Brothers born in Staunton, Virginia, 1945 (now 65)
Gail Davies born in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, 1948 (now 62)
William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd born in Cambridge, Ohio, 1895 (died 1972)
Hal Lone Pine born in Pea Cove, Maine, 1916 (died 1977)
John "Lonzo" Sullivan died (heart attack), 1967 (was 48)
Conway Twitty died (abdominal aneurysm), 1993 (was 59)
Ronald Reagan died (complications of Alzheimer's disease), 2004 (was 93). While governor of California, the former president signed a full pardon for former convict Merle Haggard.
Grand Ole Opry's first performance at the Ryman auditorium, 1943

June 6:
Joe Stampley born in Springhill, Louisiana, 1943 (now 67)
Gid Tanner of the Skillet Lickers born in Thomas Bridge, Georgia, 1885 (died 1960)
Asher Sizemore born in Manchester, Kentucky, 1906 (died 1973)
Charlie Cline of the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers born in Gilbert, West Virginia, 1931 (died 2004)
Claudette Orbison, wife of Roy Orbison, died (motorcycle accident), 1966 (was 24)
Grant Turner began his tenure as Grand Ole Opry announcer, 1944

June 7:
Sir Tom Jones born in Treforest, South Wales, 1940 (now 70). The legendary pop/rock singer had a hit with a cover of "Green, Green Grass of Home" in 1967 and hit the country charts with "Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow" in 1977.
Larry Boone born in Cooper City, Florida, 1956 (now 54)
Dean Martin born in Steubenville, Ohio, 1917 (died 1995). The pop crooner recorded two albums of country music on Reprise in the early 60s and sang with Ricky Nelson in the John Wayne classic Rio Bravo in 1969.
Wynn Stewart born in Morrisville, Missouri, 1934 (died 1985)
Courtney Johnson of New Grass Revival died (lung cancer), 1996 (was 56)

June 8:
Vernon Oxford born in Rogers, Arkansas, 1941 (now 69)
Tony Rice born in Danville, Virginia, 1951 (now 59)
Adolph Hofner born in Moulton, Texas, 1916 (died 2000)
Alton Delmore died (alcohol-related illness), 1964 (was 55)
Roba Stanley died (unknown cause), 1986 (was 76). She is credited as being the first female solo artist recorded in country music history (1924).
Tommy Perkins of the Texas Playboys died (car accident), 2003 (was 69)

June 9:
Les Paul born in Waukesha, Wisconsin, 1915 (died 2009). In addition to his recordings with wife Mary Ford, Paul invented the solid-body electric guitar and multi-track recording. He also won a Grammy for his album with Chet Atkins, Chester and Lester, in 1976.
Willard Cox of the Cox Family born in Cotton Valley, Louisiana, 1937 (now 73)
Jamie Dailey of Dailey & Vincent born in Corbin, Kentucky, 1975 (now 35)

June 10:
Herman Crook of the Crook Brothers died (heart attack), 1988 (was 89)
Steve Sanders, who replaced William Lee Golden in the Oak Ridge Boys for 15 years, died (suicide), 1998 (was 45)
Ray Charles died (complications of liver disease), 2004 (was 73). Charles made the country charts in the 80s with duets with George Jones and Willie Nelson, and his ground-breaking 1963 album Modern Sounds in Country Music presented country songs to a wide audience.

June 11:
Jay McDowell of BR-549 born in Bedford, Indiana, 1969 (now 41)
Edwin Duhon of the Hackberry Ramblers born in Lafayette, Louisiana, 1910 (died 2006)
Brother Dave Gardner born in Jackson, Tennessee, 1926 (died 1983)
Jud Strunk born in Jamestown, New York, 1936 (died 1981)
Wilma Burgess born in Orlando, Florida, 1939 (died 2003)
John Wayne died (cancer), 1979 (was 72). The actor has been referenced in a number of country songs.

June 12:
Junior Brown born in Kirksville, Indiana, 1952 (now 56)
Rebecca Holden born in Austin, Texas, 1958 (now 52)
Penny Jay born in Monteagle Mountain, Tennessee, 1927 (died 2006)
Dr. Humphrey Bate of the Possum Hunters died (unknown cause), 1936 (was 61)
J.E. Mainer died (heart attack), 1971 (was 72)
Johnny Bond died (heart attack), 1978 (was 63)
Danny Davis died (heart failure), 2008 (was 83)

June 13:
Howard Vokes born in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, 1931 (now 79)
Slim Dusty born in Kempsey, Australia, 1927 (died 2003)
The Country Music Foundation Library and Media Center opened in the basement of the Country Music Hall of Fame, 1972. The CMF is now on the top floor of the new Hall of Fame building.

June 14:
Burl Ives born in Newton, Illinois, 1909 (died 1995)
Lash LaRue born in Gretna, Louisiana, 1917 (died 1996). The Western actor was the first sidekick to western singer/actor/songwriter Eddie Dean and was mentioned in the Statler Brothers' "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott."
Ernest V. "Pop" Stoneman died (illness), 1968 (was 75)
Patsy Cline seriously injured in a car accident, 1961

June 15:
RCA engineer Bill Porter born in St. Louis, Missouri, 1931 (now 79)
Terri Gibbs born in Miami, Florida, 1954 (now 56)
Blind Alfred Reed born in Floyd, Virginia, 1880 (died 1956)
Tex Owens born in Killeen, Texas, 1892 (died 1962)
Marvin Hughes born in Nashville, Tennessee, 1911 (died 1986)
Leon Payne born in Alba, Texas, 1917 (died 1969)
Waylon Jennings born in Littlefield, Texas, 1937 (died 2002)
Ruby Falls died (unknown cause), 1986 (was 40)
The summer replacement show for the CBS variety series The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour began airing, 1969. That show was Hee Haw.

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