Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Does the "C" in CMT Stand For, Anyway?

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On Friday (10/7) Country Music Television (CMT) will debut a show called Top Secret Recipe.  Apparently the network has high expectations for this program because they are one of the few ads that have managed to air during the baseball division series games on TBS between the annoying Chevy Volt commercial (if you haven't seen it consider yourself lucky) or the MLB "legends are born in October" ads with the equally annoying song by a U2-wanna-be band playing in the background.

So what does this TV show have to do with country music?

While we're at it, what is the connection between 99% of the movies they show and country music?

RFD-TV, which bills itself as a "rural America" network (not a "country music" network), airs old syndicated series The Porter Wagoner Show, The Wilburn Brothers Show, Pop! Goes the Country, and Hee Haw (not to mention its own original Marty Stuart Show).  That is only a drop in the bucket of the old country music TV series that existed (Bill Anderson and Ernest Tubb had a show, and who wouldn't love to see network series like The Ozark Jubilee or The Johnny Cash Show again?).  

And all "Country" Music Television can offer is a show about trying to hack the Colonel's secret fried chicken recipe. 

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busgal said...

I don't get the network but what about their Texas Honky Tonk programing?