Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mr. Walker, It's All Over

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Your sweetheart in personnel said I should give her written notice like the rest
So I wrote "goodbye" with my brightest lipstick right across her big expensive desk
(From "Mr. Walker, It's All Over")

You just can't beat a song with a line like that.  It was one of Billie Jo Spear's early hits, from 1969.  She would later become best known for that wonderful slice of "let's act like we're still single" romp "Blanket on the Ground."

Billie Jo Spears died Wednesday (12/14) of cancer at her home in Vidor, Texas.

Although her career began in the 1960s the Academy of Country Music named her 1976's "most promising female vocalist" after the massive success of "Blanket on the Ground."  For a time she proved this a good choice, as she had a top 20 hit with a remake of "Misty Blue," which was also enjoying a revival on the pop charts thanks to a different version by one-hit wonder Dorothy Moore.

Spears was active in music until the very end, having toured overseas earlier in 2011.

Billie Jo Spears was 74.

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