Thursday, March 07, 2013

I Don't Care About Clifton Clowers

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I have the sad duty of reporting that country singer Claude King has died.

The reports of King's death stated he was found unresponsive in bed at his Shreveport home this morning (3/7).

Claude King was an overnight success ten years in the making.  He was one of the original members of the Louisiana Hayride, performing in his native Louisiana and regionally.  In 1962 he became a household name when the Merle Kilgore composition about a protective Ozark mountain father, "Wolverton Mountain," became a huge country and pop hit.  He continued with hits including a cover of Johnny Horton's "All of the Love of a Girl" in 1969, with a total of 30 songs hitting the Billboard country chart.

Claude King turned 90 last month, and also recently celebrated his 67th wedding anniversary.  Farewell to this great talent.

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Anonymous said...

Tribute song for Claude King and Clifton Clowers:

Wolverton Mountain Man (Larry W Jones 03/20/2013) (song#6679)

Well, I was just a young lad going with the flow
When I first heard Claude King sing on the radio
I was at a soda fountain in Louisian
Listnin' 'bout a big bad Wolverton Mountain man

Now, old man Clowers made good hard liquor brandy
With a gun and a knife he was mighty handy
He had a pretty young daughter with raven hair
But Wolverton bears and birds protected her there


Now I'm an older man and time goes marching on
And it was in March when I heard Claude King was gone
I wonder if he ever kissed Clifton's daughter's sweet lips
Or if he married that girl on one of his trips

I know Claude King climbed up on Wolverton Mountain
Cause all of his dreams were with that young girl he loved
He took his chances up on Wolverton Mountain
It was too lonesome down below than up above

Well, I was just a young lad going with the flow
When I first heard Claude King sing on the radio
Up on that Wolverton Mountain he loved her so