Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mama, She's Crazy!

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Naomi Judd deserves a medal.

In a letter to the Nashville Tennesseean newspaper Judd blasted the "powers that be" for doing nothing to acknowledge the recent death of legendary singer George Jones during last week's CMT Awards show.  The program failed to pay any significant tribute to Jones, which sent Wynonna's retired mother into a rage.  She concluded her short but sweet opinion by stating that perhaps CMT should rename their awards "The Multi-Genre Awards Show Featuring Artists Under 30."

She is one hundred per cent correct here.  Could you imagine the Grammy awards overlooking someone like Elton John dying?  Or a pop awards show failing to acknowledge someone like Paul McCartney passing away?  I think back to the Grammy awards show of February 2004 and how they gave significant time to pay tribute to Warren Zevon -- and there's no comparison in career stature between Zevon (whom I dearly love, make no mistake about that) and George Jones.  People who don't know any other name in country music know the name George Jones.  Come on, CMT, Elvis Costello covered George Jones songs!  Apparently everyone knows who George Jones was except the executives responsible for putting the CMT awards show together

Congratulations to Naomi Judd for having the courage to stand up and call CMT out on this one.

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