Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Charlie Farquharson Signs Off

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One of the constants throughout the 25-year history of Hee Haw was the spoof of tiny-town radio news reports presented by KORN newscaster, Charlie Farquharson.

The actor and writer behind that character, Don Harron, has died.

Harron died Saturday (1/17) of cancer at his home in Toronto.

The character Charlie Farquharson began in Harron's native land in the 1950's.  It was only one facet of Harron's career at the time.  He was also a broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, an actor, and producer.  He took the classic book Anne of Green Gables and helped turn it into a musical for the Canadian stage.

In 1968 he landed a job on the CBS summer replacement show, Hee Haw, alongside fellow Canadian Gordie Tapp.  He brought the folksy Farquharson character with him, this time making light of small-town America instead of small-town Canada.  It fit perfectly (given that Harron once said that the Farquharson character was inspired by time spent working on a farm in Canada), and the "Charlie Farquharson, KORN news reporting" segments became some of the most popular skits on the long-running series.

Harron was also an author.  He penned 17 books, including his memoirs, My Double Life:  Sexty Years of Farquharson Around With Don Harn.

Upon being advised that he had cancer, he opted to not pursue treatment.

Don Harron was 90.

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