Friday, October 23, 2015

Sick Call: Joey Feek of Joey + Rory

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If this year hasn't been tough enough on country singers, today Rory Feek announced on the Joey + Rory blog "This Life I Live" that his wife's cervical cancer, which she has been battling since shortly after the birth of their daughter, Indiana, has been ruled "terminal."

Joey's problems began last June, when a routine postpartum exam found a growth on her cervix.  She had a total hysterectomy at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Center in Nashville and began chemotherapy to ensure that all of the cancer had been removed.  At the time, the prognosis was good.

However, the cancer returned and had spread to Joey's colon.  No matter how aggressive the treatments, the tumors stayed ahead of the treatments.  Last Thursday (10/15), prior to treatment at the Cancer Centers of America in Atlanta, the doctors told Joey and Rory that the tumors had returned as soon as the treatment had stopped.  Additionally, numerous smaller tumors were in the abdominal region.  

"The doctors gave us an estimate of how much time they believe Joey has," Rory wrote today (10/23).  "I took the calendar off the wall and threw it in the trash can."

Rory asks for your prayers as he and Joey live one day at a time.  "We've got right now," he said, "and that's enough."

Rory Feek's "This Life I Live" blog

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Ken Morton, Jr. said...

I've had the true blessing of getting spending some time with both Joey and Rory on a couple of occasions and there is not a beautiful couple on the planet. My heart goes out to both them and their beautiful three girls, Hope, Heidi and Indiana and I wish them peace.