Thursday, November 05, 2015

Sick Call: Glenn Frey

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Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey is facing what is being described as "major surgery" to repair recurring intestinal problems.

Frey, who is turning 67 tomorrow (11/6), has been battling intestinal issues for decades.  The press release states that Frey attributes his problems to the drugs and alcohol of the 70's rock & roll lifestyle.

In 1990 Frey had a considerable portion of his intestines removed, and bouts with diverticulitis and other intestinal problems have limited his time on the road as a solo act and with the Eagles.  Earlier this fall Don Henley, doing interviews for his new album Cass County, said that any future Eagles tours is dependent on Frey.

The legendary country-rockers were scheduled to among the 2015 recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors on December 6; however, due to Frey's forthcoming surgery and "lengthy recovery" time anticipated, the Eagles' portion will be rescheduled for 2016.

Here's wishing Glenn Frey a happy birthday, successful surgery, and a complete and speedy recovery.

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