Saturday, March 05, 2016

Her "Dream Came True"

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The sad news that we've been anticipating for months came yesterday (3/4).  Joey Feek lost her battle with cervical cancer.

"My wife's dream came true," Rory wrote in his blog.  "She is in Heaven."

Diagnosed in 2014 with cervical cancer, treatments initially controlled the disease.  However, in 2015 tumors returned almost as quickly as they were treated, with new ones growing.  In October the doctors told the couple there was nothing that could be done, and Joey made the decision to stop treatment.

The family returned to Joey's native Indiana to spend the final holidays with her family.  After the second birthday of daughter Indiana Joey told Rory that she had accomplished everything she wanted to do (one last Thanksgiving, one last Christmas, one last birthday with Indy) and was tired of fighting.  She slipped into a coma at the end of February.

Joey put a real (and beautiful) face on the horrors of cancer in her fight.  Her decision to be very public with her battle (as opposed to others, such as rock legend David Bowie, whose death from liver cancer in January came as a complete shock to everyone) will undoubtedly be part of her legacy, with those words that Rory so bravely wrote serving as encouragement and solace for others going through a similar battle.  Additionally, their Hymns album reiterates their faith.  The album debuted at #1 on Billboard's country album charts last year despite the fact that the couple has never had a "hit single."

Joey Feek was 40.

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